Professor De Weerdt will be participating in a roundtable discussion focusing on World History and Chinese History. She will be joined on the panel by Prof. Timothy Brook, Prof. Prasenjit Duara, Prof. Valerie Hansen, Prof. Kenneth Pomeranz, Prof. Xin Zhang, Taisu Zhang, and Prof. Dandan Chen.
The event is hosted by the Global Studies Forum and the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at PKU.

Date and Time:

Thursday, March 7, 2024; 9am-10:30am Eastern Time
March 7, 3-4:30pm Central European Time; 10-11:30pm Beijing Time)

The event will be available online through live stream platforms and channels:

“Global Studies Forum” Bilibili Official Channel: 全球研究论坛:; Live Stream Room ID:27818660
“Global Studies Forum” Youtube Channel:
WeChat Live Stream Channels:Citic Sight  跳岛FM Talking Literature