Participants discussed long-term urban extent data and wall construction patterns in China through two readings:

  • Xue, Qiaofeng, et al. "The historical process of the masonry city walls construction in China during 1st to 17th centuries AD." Plos one 14.3 (2019): e0214119.
  • Xue, Qiaofeng, et al. "The dataset of walled cities and urban extent in late imperial China in the 15th–19th centuries." Earth System Science Data 13.11 (2021): 5071-5085.

Apart from the articles above, the group once again discussed Li Ji's “The Evolution of the We-Group: Its Size as Measured by the City Points,” in The Formation of the Chinese People. An Anthropological Inquiry (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1928)56–123 in the context of wall construction patterns.