Dr Sunkyu Lee will be leading a workshop titled Creating a Data Model and Annotating Images in IMMARKUS on July 8, 2024 at 13:00. This workshop is part of the pre-conference program for the Charting the European D-SEA: Digital Scholarship in East Asian Studies conference in Berlin.

About the workshop

The ERC project Regionalizing Infrastructures in Chinese History (RegInfra) has recently released IMMARKUS: Image Annotation in X-Markus. Different from other existing image annotation tools, including Mirador, the IMMARKUS allows users to design their own data model and to link your annotation to one or more external authority services, including TGAZ (China Historical GIS placename Database), CBDB (China Biographical Database Project), and DILA (Buddhist Studies Authority Database Project). In this workshop, participants will learn how to use IMMARKUS to create a customized data model, annotate images with different types of properties, add metadata, visualize relationships between different elements, and export annotations, data model and metadata.